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    青島越海機械有限公司Qingdao Safetylift Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998, which is located in the Qingdao Jimo Huashan Town provincial Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.It covers an area of 30,000m, and the bring into service workshop is 16,000m. The company adjoins to the Huashan Golf Course , abuts 204 National Highway and Qingdao ?Weihai Expressway so the scenery is beautiful , the environment is pleasant , the traffic is convenient and the place is remarkable

    The main products of our company are Aluminium Sleeves , Copper sleeves , Steel Ferrules , Aluminium Extrusions and other fittings for Wire Rope . Meanwhile , We have provided Wire Rope Assembles , Pressing Products and Lifting Tools to our custorners all over the world . There are 500T , 2000T , and 3150T Extruding Machines , Pressing Machines in our jobsite , in addition that we also have more than 100 sets  equipments , such as Drawing Machines , Hydraulic Press Machines . Forming Machines , Cutting Machines , Thread Rollers , Milling Machines , Lathes , and so on . The products with hlgh quality and fine design sell well in more than 80 countries and areas Of the World .

    Passion makes dream come true , quality helps enterprise achieve success . Our principles to ourselves are : Earnest-Industrious-lmprovement , never Iimiting our minds . our pledges to our customers are : Honest-HighQuality-Attractive Price , always meeting your demands . We have already been the qualified supplier of the Wire Rope Assembles , Pressing Products and Lifting Tools , and hope to be the global first-class Suppller under your deep affection and support .

    Copyright ? 2010 QingDao H-QUALITY Industries CO., LTD
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